Hiralal, IIT Delhi Flyover, New Delhi

Friends, let me introduce IIT Flyover kid HIRALAL S/o Ramswarup, who works in a bersarai shop and stays at IIT Flyover with 2 brothers & 2 sisters. He is simply brilliant in mathematics, especially Tables. His hobby is Reading. He loves to play kabaddi and cricket. Chris Gale is favourite player (not my Sachin 😟) and his fav. movie star is Sunny Deol (of all !😌)
Hiralal wants to become Doctor so that he can ensure health of fellow people of IIT flyover. He hates finding someone abusing or fighting (which is unfortunately common in his walk of life). He Dream is that everybody should live together peacefully and help each other.

Our schedule ‘every Sunday’: 930-1030AM (Munirka and IIT Flyover kids, in parallel), 11-12PM Nizamuddin, 1230-130PM (Kalkaji Temple Parking Slum and Nehru Place Flyover, in parallel)-230-330PM (Tughlaqabad Slum)-4-5PM (Sangam Vihar Slum kids)

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Ranjan Khanna,B.Tech(IIT Kanpur), Blue Pen NGO