At Blue Pen we are healing the lives of children, women and men living in slums and under flyover by providing them essential education, medical care, vocational training and with technology we are contributing in their all round development.

<p align="justify">Blue Pen is helping under flyover and slum students to learn Hindi, English alphabets, novels, small words, names writing in Hindi and English, counting tables addition subtraction, easy multiplications to use in daily life</p>
Vocational Training
<p align="justify">Blue Pen is trying to correlate basic art and craft with their learning like painting over the baloons, making flower bunches, flowers of glittering papers, velvet papers, Mehndi decoration, and basic tailoring work to the grown up girls and ladies</p>
<p align="justify">In the technological era at Blue Pen we are working forward in all round development as we are making them able for puncture and mobile repairing , handling of laptops, iPads and computers.</p>
<p align="justify">Blue Pen is helping needy children, women and men by providing them regular medical check-ups by the medical experts in addition we are teaching about Cleanliness and hygiene.</p>
Govt of India Schemes