At Blue Pen we are healing the lives of children, women and men living in slums and under flyover by providing them essential education, medical care, vocational training and with technology we are contributing in their all round development.

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Blue Pen, a visionary organisation, was established with the purpose of imparting education to all so that no child is left behind. Blue Pen has brought an opportunity for everyone to be with the people who need you most and thereby get the real peace of mind. Life is not about living just for your […]

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BLUE PEN India is a non-profit organisation working forward in educating kids and people living under flyovers and in slums. Your donation can help us in reaching and feeding more kids living in doomed-depth of poverty. BLUE PEN IS REGISTERED UNDER SECTION 12A OF INCOME TAX ACT, 1961 and every donation, whether by individual or […]

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Welcome to Blue Pen India NGO

At Blue Pen Organization, we believe that education is the greatest gift that one can receive. Unfortunately, there are still many individuals who are unable to access education due to financial constraints or lack of awareness about its importance. Our organization strives to bridge this gap by reaching out to those who are currently living a life cut off from education, society, and culture.

Struggling to Survive: The Daily Life of Impoverished Families

They can't think of a world beyond their filthy and cramped dwellings. Parents, who are very poor, spend their entire day selling items like dusted cloths, balloon bouquets, and petty toys on the streets. The income from these sales is so low that the entire family, including women and children, have to contribute towards earning a livelihood. As the family size is usually large, everyone has to work together to make ends meet.


Blue Pen is helping under flyover and slum students to learn Hindi, English alphabets, novels, small words, names writing in Hindi and English, counting tables addition subtraction, easy multiplications to use in daily life


Blue Pen is trying to correlate basic art and craft with their learning like painting over the baloons, making flower bunches, flowers of glittering papers, velvet papers, Mehndi decoration, and basic tailoring work to the grown up girls and ladies


In the technological era at Blue Pen we are working forward in all round development as we are making them able for puncture and mobile repairing , handling of laptops, iPads and computers


Blue Pen is helping needy children, women and men by providing them regular medical check-ups by the medical experts in addition we are teaching about Cleanliness and hygiene

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