Ruchira Shukla, BTech (IIT Delhi), MBA (IIM Ahmedabad)

Dear Friends, its my privilege and honour to introduce you to our distinguished donor, Ms Ruchira Shukla Mediratta, who has been donating clothes, sweaters, gifts to our Blue Pen Kids at Safdaejung flyover every Sunday.

Ruchira has meritorious educational background. She has done her B Tech (Chemical Engineering) from IIT Delhi in 1995 and later done her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. She also did her post graduation from Wharton School.

Meeting with Ruchira Shukla was chance meeting of Team Blue Pen in December. One Sunday, when Team Blue Pen was teaching Slum kids at Safdarjung, quite a few slum kids ran away from class as soon as she started distributing sweaters, alongwith her Mom n Dad. At that time, Team Blue Pen made a suggestion to her that we may synergise together and she may like to donate only to those kids who complete their stydies ona particular day. Our suggestion was readily accepted by her and from that day, number of slum kids attending Safdarjung class started growing as more kids started coming in anticipation of weekly gifts by Ms Ruchira

Talking about her family, Ruchira mentions,” My husband is a neurosurgeon with Apollo. My husband’s name is Dr Sunit Mediratta. We are expecting our first child. We live in Safdarjung enclave.”

Explaining about reason of donating clothes n food every Sunday to blue pen kids, Ruchira mentions “Our reason for helping slum kids is that we realize how blessed we are and want a way to give some to those who are less fortunate”

When asked about her parental background, she explains “My mother is a retired school teacher and my father is a retired Indian Air Force Officer”

I would request all viewers to come forward and use distribution network of Blue Pen to donate New/Old items like Toys, Blankets for upcoming winters, Toys, Clothes, School Bags or other Daily utility items, for our Flyover/Slum kids/Women.