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Volunteer at Blue Pen

Blue Pen, a visionary organisation, was established with the purpose of imparting education to all so that no child is left behind. Blue Pen has brought an opportunity for everyone to be with the people who need you most and thereby get the real peace of mind.

Life is not about living just for your own self and your family. Rather, it is about living in harmony with all existence.

Have you ever thought how useful and precious  are your wastes for the people living in the doomed depth of poverty  with hardly any  opportunity for health, home and education?
You can also be a part of the Blue Pen mission- no matter who you are and what you do , as these kids need just you, not your status or prosperity.

Here is how you can get involved with Blue Pen:

You can sponsor flyover & other things
Through Blue Pen you can sponsor a flyover, slum, kid, teacher and even food to the people living in extreme poverty.</p> "Sponsor
You can Donate Utilities
Your wastes could be a great treasure for them and here at Blue Pen you can donate books, pen-pencil and clothes etc.</p> "Donate
Apply as Volunteer & Internship
Your 1 hour can bring a huge change in their life join us as a volunteer teacher, voational trainer or apply for the internship</p> "Apply
You yourself may opt for the ways of contribution :

  • Volunteer teaching these kids
  • Sponsor a flyover
  • Sponsor a slum
  • Give them clothes, toys, sports items, flower making material, stationery, books, bags, first-aid box, bedsheets, mattresses and snacks
  • Spend some time with them and motivate them not to beg, see bigger dreams, take regular bath and live a life of social and moral values
  • Give them some vocational training

What is needed most is your will to do something for these unprivileged population of society

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