Monu Kumar, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi

Friends, It’s pleasure to get acquainted with Monu Kumar (class VI-KSK Academy, Sangam Vihar, who displayed excellent understanding about “Universal Solar system”. Education of both sons has remained top priority for Monu’s father, who works as Carpainter. Favourite subjects of Monu are maths, science and computer. When asked about his passions, this lively boy has so much to talk about cricket, chess and football. He narrates his dream to become Mobile engineer one day.
Individually, Monu wants be good person and help everybody. He hates not only child labour in any form but also usual roadside fights which are unfortunately part of daily scenario in his locality. Sweets & chocolate are his weaknesses. His favourite movie is Bahubali-2, and favourite hero remains Akshay Kumar. He firmly dispels belief of friends in ghosts and wants to do something good for his own community and country.

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Ranjan Khanna,B.Tech(IIT Kanpur), Blue Pen NGO