Mantesha, 7 yrs, Nizamuddin, Delhi

Blue Pen NGO

Friends, let me introduce Nizamuddin slum kid Mantesha (7 Yrs old) who is originally from khajuri slum. Her father is casual labour. She reveals with apparent sadness on her face, that she doesn’t know why her father gets drunk every evening,and fights with Her mother while night. She hates it.

Mantesha has got elder sister and younger brother. She goes to class 2 of local madarsa at khajuri. Her poor & illiterate mother has no option but to ask her to manage books from cars passing through flyover and study them. Books are first love of Mantesha, however managing them remains perpetual Challenge. She likes playing doctor game and train game. She enjoys watching doremon and Motu-Patlu cartoons. Mantesha also enjoys watching movies of Salman Khan and Kajol. Her favourite movie is Salman starrer “Tere Naam”. Although not lucky for getting two meals a day, chowmein and Dal-Chawal remain her favourite, depending on availability.

When asked about her dreams about future, Mantesha reveals that she wants to become ‘Police’ officer as she wants to become powerful and defend her family one day (No prize to guess that Police remains ultimate symbol of power in impressionable young mind of this slum kid as police keeps chucking them out from one flyover to another). She dreams of buying her own house one day. It seems obvious as existence of stable home ranks high in mind of tender kid. She also wants to own a big car (not surprising as these kids deal with cars passing whole day). Her mom keeps asking her to study with whatever old books she is fortunate to manage. Mantesha admires India’s Prime Minister Mr Modi.

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Ranjan Khanna,B.Tech(IIT Kanpur), Blue Pen NGO