Winter classes weekend update 14 Dec. 2019

Friends, last weekend, with winters slowly engulfing Northern part of India, volunteers of Blue Pen conducted educational sessions for flyover/slum kids/women with usual enthusiasm, inspite of challenging cold. Flyover kids also turned up in unexpectedly high numbers, which only points to their growing belief that it is only education, which can have transformative effect on life of any kid.

Kavita Chaudhary Coordinator -( IIT LINE ) shares,”IIT LINE conducted Blue pen session at IIT FLYOVER, the no. of kids were good, few new students also joined us today. First of all the students introduce themselves in english. Then we taught them according to their previous knowledge. Many of them are really doing good, Sonu is 6 year’s old he has learnt counting from 1-100.At the end of the class we distributed winter cloth to them all thanks to Dr. Manorama Khanna Ma’am. “

Kavita adds,”After this we moved to our next center Safdarjung where I and Shama divided kids according to their classes and age. Shama taught poem in hindi to kids and fruit & vegetables name as well. At the end of the seesion we asked kids to form a circle in which, one by one they expressed their views, narrated stories, recited poems, this enhance the confidence of Children to speak in public. After this we distributed winter cloth to few kids.”

Kavita concludes,”After lunch we moved to our last center Sangam vihar, I took surprise test in which children did really well, also at Sangam Vihar centre children are preparing for the up coming event. We conducted singing competition at the center. Many children participated in the competition.”

Himanshu Bhukhandi,Volunteer (Mumtiaj-Nizamuddin) shares,”At Munirka, I first took english reading test of kids. I found that some kids were making pronounciation mistakes especially with different Sound of letter “C” in different words like Pacific and Circle. I explained them the different cases of letters sounding differently. Then i along with my Co-volunteer undertook an activity of demonstrating kids how to keep books safe by putting plastic sheet cover on them. I asked kids to bring their school books then each student put cover in their book by herself. We then distributed some winter clothes to kids and ended class with singing National Anthem and providing refreshment.”

Himanshu adds,”At Nizamuddin, we welcomed some new students. I asked then to give their introduction to other kids at the centre. I also introduced them about our NGO Bluepen and its objective. I then asked a kid to tell the time from my wrist watch. She was correct with the figures but confused with the AM and PM. I asked the same to other kids and most of them were having the same confusion. I then explained then the correct way to see time and and difference between AM and PM or Ante meridian and Post Meridian.”

Himanshu concludes,”Later, I gave students some mathematical problems on Division, multiplication and LCM. I scored them and corrected their mistakes. Further i undertook Hindi dictation test of the kids. I found the they were unable to read complex words one one go. So i simplified this by asking them to break the word depending on length and read in section. In this way their problem resolved to much extent.”

Saurabh, Volunteer Coordinator (Munirka-Nizamuddin) shares, “We started our energetic day from munirka shelter home, where Dr. Manorama Khana (Chairman of Blue pen NGO) taught hindi and english to kids.
At Munirka slum, volunteer, Mr himanshu bhukhandi, took english reading test of kids. He also explained them the different cases of letters sounding differently. After we took an activity of demonstrating kids how to keep books safe by putting plastic sheet cover on them. We asked kids to bring their school books then each student put cover in their book by herself. Ended classes with singing national anthem and providing refreshment.”

Saurabh adds,”Later we moved to our next center nizamuddin, where we welcomed some new students. And asked then to give their introduction to other kids.Volunteer, Mr. Himanshu Bhukhandi, taught L.C.M and how to see time and explained about AM abd PM. While i had taken reading test of new students to check their level.
After lunch we moved to our last parallel centre tughlaqabad and okhla phase-1. Where regular classes were conducted.”

Saurabh concludes, “Since winters are getting colder these days, again we thought to distribute free iners and sweaters to all munirka and okhla Slum Children. Last week also, we had gifted sweaters all munirka slum children after their regular educational classes.On receiving the sweaters, the children had smile on their face and feeling of gratitude in their hearts for Blue Pen NGO.”

Shama Idrishi volunteer (IIT AND SAFRDARJUNG remembers,”I participated in session with full enthusiasm at IIT flyover centre. I taught subtraction, addition and tables besides attending to many questions in basic math. After that Kavita didi distributed winter clothes for kids. Later all of us ended session with national anthem. Then we moved to Safdarjang. There I taught names of some fruits and vegetables etc. Later, I taught poem in hindi book of class 5th. Also, I listened poetry in oral. One child recited poetry very well.

Shama adds,”Later, we moved to sangam vihar. In sangam vihar myself and Kavita di taught children. I gave dictation in in both English and hindi. And Kavita di organised singing competition in which Many kids participated. Then we encouraged children with some motivation speach. Then all volunteers and children ended sessions with national anthem”

Suhana, Volunteer (SANGAM vihar) shares, “our schedule was as usual. We engaged in our regular work of managing the students and we taught English.I gave dictation of English because exam of few kids got over. Kavita started teaching social science subject as those exams are set to come up. So by taking test we all tried to solve the problems of our respective classes. At the end food distribution was there. We maintained our team work and our daily observation. It heartening you see that students are getting more n more active in their respective studies.”

Mr Deepak,Volunteer (Noida-Okhla like) mentions,”During last session, i started my day with full energy at Noida. I started with table. We were happy to find one small child Roshan who didnt even know how to write his name but he could recite tables upto twenty. All of us praised that child. Later, I focused at another small child and give him alphabet and counting .”

Deepak adds,”Next, we moved towards okhla where i picked up big child Rajesh whom i taught decimal and division sum of decimal to child and i also taught him how to write letter.Later we moved to faridabad where i taught 4 th class. I taught addition of fraction and gave them multiplication, sum and there we organised activity for children of bigger classes. We are sure they would spread these teachings to younger children after classes.

Friends, Our objective is to impart to Kids/Wmen of Flyover/Slums, following modules:-
* Regular Teaching sessions, with special focus on females (on lines of “Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao Abhiyaan”)
* Teaching Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene (on klines of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Nutritious Food (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)
* Skill development (Ex. Cycle/mobile/auto
repair etc) (on lines of “Kushal Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Regular Medical Checkups (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)f
* Teaching Electronllic Gadgets (on lines of “Digital Connect India Program”)

B. OUR SCHEDULE:- Every Sunday, our timetable is:

*930-1030AM : Munirka-I, Munirka-II, & IIT flyover, and Noida (all parallel sessions)

*11-12PM: Safdarjung Factory Road, Okhla and Nizamuddin Rain Basera sessions (parallel sessions)
*12:30-1PM: lunch of volunteers at near GK & Okhla
* “Extended” sessions at Prajapati ohalla, Tughlaqabad village, Olkhla & Sangam vihar and Faridabad (all parallel sessions)

(For exact Google locations of sites, pls visit our website )


(All Donors to Blue Pen Charitable Trust are entitled to Claim rebate from Income Tax vide U/Section 80 G of the I.T Act)