Christmas and New Year update Dec 2019

Dear friends,

With anxiety of Christmas and New Year slowly building up, Team Blue Pen conducted educational sessions at various flyovers of Delhi. Unfortunately, dipping temperature has indeed impacted usual attendance of kids in our sessions.

Kavita Chaudhary Coordinator -( IIT LINE ) shares,”We organised our Blue pen session at IIT FLYOVER with usual fervour. I took hindi class, in which, many kids wanted to learn Varnwala. Young Suraj wanted to read the book. I helped Suraj in reading the book. He also narrated few stories.Maya learnt table of two, she was very happy after learning it. At the end of the session children themselves conducted activities. After this, we did National Anthem and distributed food to them. “

Kavita adds,”After this, we moved to our next center Safdarjung where few students had already gone for some event. So, there were only few younger kids left who hardly knew reading and writing. We tried to make them understand alphabets and counting. After this, we distributed food and winter clothes to them. “

Kavita concludes, “After lunch, we reached Sangam vihar where I conducted hindi reading test and helped the students who were unable to read also at Sangam Vihar centre students are preparing for the annunal function of Blue pen, we conducted drawing and dance competition. They did really well, we appreciated them for their performance.”

Shama Idrishi volunteer (IIT AND SAFRDARJUNG mentions,”we started our session with full enthusiasm at IIT flyover center. I taught numbers as well as General knowledge questions. We ended sessions with national anthem. Later, we moved to safdarjang where we saw few children present due to conduct of educational tour by another NGO. We decided to teach them Ato Z alphabets and many other topics”

Shama adds,”Then we moved sangam vihar where Kavita di organised drawing competition and dancing competition many kids participated the we motivated speach. Then all volunteers and childrens ended session with national anthem.”

Himanshu Bhukhandi,Volunteer (Mumtiaj-Nizamuddin) shares,”At munirka – Here i gathered my students and took a time based comprehensive test including maths, english and science. I scored the students based on the no. Of correct questions and time taken. Kids really enjoyed this exercise. Meanwhile a young girl with persistent request asked me to let her draw so i asked her to say countings, Alphabets and poems. After listening her i gave her a sketch book to enjoy drawing. I also taught my students decimal based multiplication and division. I also told them about rational and irrational numbers. In then end my co-volunteer Saurav made them do some physical exercise to beat this chilling winter. At last we sung National Anthem together and distribution some refreshment to kids.”

Himanshu adds,”At Nizamuddin – Here i asked each student to recite multiplication tables till they know and made them learn more by repeating behind others. I then taught them some basic english sentences to use in daily life Like – I am eating, I am playing, I love studyin, open the door, may i come in ? etc etc. I also made them learn name of all the body parts from head to toe. There were some mischievous students who were pronouncing Ankle as Uncle and Arm as Aam. I politely requested them to be serious and understand that english does not always sound as it is written. At last i asked each student to teach other the sentence and words i taught to them to memorize for long.”

Saurabh, Volunteer Coordinator (Munirka-Nizamuddin) shares, “We started our energetic day from munirka shelter home, Where Dr. Manorma Khanna (chairman of blue pen NGO) taught counting and tables to kids.
At Munirka slum,we tried to interact with kids so as to assess what they do at home, what all is going in their lives, what problem they usually face everyday and discuss with them how to handle these situations. Later, we started teaching sessions. We also conducted english and hindi reading rest for all classes because tests are also very important as they help us in knowing how much these kids have actually learnt. Tests also develop sincerity among them. We Ended session with singing national anthem and providing refreshment.”

Saurabh adds,”Later, we moved to our next center nizamuddin, where we welcomed some new students and asked then to give their introduction to other kids. Volunteer, Mr. Himanshu Bhukhandi, taught english to kids, While i took classes of 5&6 and taught mathematics to them.After lunch we moved to our last parallel centre tughlaqabad and okhla phase-1. Where regular classes were conducted.”

Suhana, Volunteer (SANGAM vihar) shares, “As team volunteers arrived after lunch at Sangam Vihar , we got engaged in our usual work of managing students as we started teaching . It’s heartening to see kids preparing for the up coming event. We conducted drawing sessions in which students made lovely sketches. After drawing competition, we conducted dance competition at the center in which Kids participated very nicely .At the end, food distribution was done. We maintained great team work. It’s great to find that students are getting more n more active in their respective studies”

Mr Deepak,Volunteer (Noida-Okhla like) mentions,”On 15th dec, i started my day with usual enthusiasm and energy to teach children. We reached Ashok Nagar center at Noida. I started my day with tables and i also taught “area” chapter in which i taught how to calculate area of rectangle, square and triangle.”

Deepak adds,”At okhla, i started my day by teaching multiplication, sum and division. Later, i taught water transport to 6th class and similarly, power chapter to 8th class in which i taught how to denote powers. At last we reached faridabad where we played game with children as sports play a vital role in overall development and enhancement of mental capability.”

Friends, Our objective is to impart to Kids/Wmen of Flyover/Slums, following modules:-
* Regular Teaching sessions, with special focus on females (on lines of “Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao Abhiyaan”)
* Teaching Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene (on klines of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Nutritious Food (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)
* Skill development (Ex. Cycle/mobile/auto
repair etc) (on lines of “Kushal Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Regular Medical Checkups (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)f
* Teaching Electronllic Gadgets (on lines of “Digital Connect India Program”)

B. OUR SCHEDULE:- Every Sunday, our timetable is:

*930-1030AM : Munirka-I, Munirka-II, & IIT flyover, and Noida (all parallel sessions)

*11-12PM: Safdarjung Factory Road, Okhla and Nizamuddin Rain Basera sessions (parallel sessions)
*12:30-1PM: lunch of volunteers at near GK & Okhla
* “Extended” sessions at Prajapati ohalla, Tughlaqabad village, Olkhla & Sangam vihar and Faridabad (all parallel sessions)

(For exact Google locations of sites, pls visit our website )


(All Donors to Blue Pen Charitable Trust are entitled to Claim rebate from Income Tax vide U/Section 80 G of the I.T Act