Junior Citizen Award-Bagged By Kavita And Sourav, Our Blue Pen Volunteers-Coordinators

Dear All, it is my pleasure and honour to announce that our two esteemed seni or Volunteers Kavita Chaudhary and Sourav Sharma have received prestigious Junior Citizen’s Award by reputed NGO Children Entertainment Foundation. Award ceremony is at Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg (Near Rajpath).

Friends, I would like to mention that over last 1.5 years, due to sheer grit and determination as well as hard work and passion towards cause of flyover kids, both Kavita and Sourav have become backbone of Blue Pen. One hardly remembers any day when either one of them failed to turnup for educational sessions for flyover kids. It is only due to their devotion and dedication that they rose to level of Volunteer-Coordinator at young age. Blue Pen fwels proud of both of them

Kavita chaudhary, who is volunteer (Coordinator-Munirka-Safdarjung line) completed her graduation from Daulat Ram College North campus university of Delhi. Currently she is pursuing Masters in Education.

About her background, Kavita mentions,” I belong to a middle class family. My father is a teacher. I want to follow my father’s footsteps and make people’s life better. So it is my dream to do social chnge. Through social site I got to know abt the NGO BLUE PEN. The very motive of the NGO “No Child Should be left behind” inspired me to work. I fnd a perfect platform which I was looking for. So I decided to join it. Being a part of the Blue Pen Team I got to learn so many things from Dr. Manorama Khanna founder of Blue pen and Sir Ranjan khanna and all the team members. After coming here I realized that the purpose of my life is to contribute in building a wonderful Nation by helping these children.”

Kavita further discusses about her experience in Blue Pen ,”The weekly class conducted by the Blue Pen have proved to be a boon for the under privileged children who can’t afford quality education. It’s been 1.5 year since I am working with Blue Pen Ngo. There are no. Of experiences that I can mention here. In fact I feel everything that I did in Blue Pen was no less thn best for me.
Blue pen Ngo seems to become a major and influential part of these kids lives,their outlook towards things is now changing for good.”

When asked about family background, another Volunteer Coordinator Mr Sourav Sharma shares, ” I belong to middle class family. My father is a shopkeeper. My father works hard to fulfill needs of family.”

About his long term association with Blue Pen, Mr Sourav mentions, “From my friend, Rahul Basist I came to know about Blue pen. So I joined it. My first day went good, I introduced myself, took their introductions and played few games with kids. It was difficult for me initially,as the children were of different age groups. I decided to divide them in groups according to their age and teach them separately. The children came from a background, where there was no atmosphere of education. Their parents keep migrating,hence even if they learn something,they tend to forget. Lack of interest and support hinder their educational growth.”

Mr Sourav further adds, “The need and importance of education was a topic unaware, and strange to them. My first objective was to make them realize why they need to be literate. I gave the first 2 3 months for this. Some found my thoughts agreeable, while some were very stubborn and considered me mad!! Gradually, I started teaching them things according to groups. I laid stress on language and maths, as these are the things they need to apply in real life. I gave them little work for home also. It gave me immense satisfaction and inner peace when they showed interests. I gave them sufficient breaks between studies, and played educational games, told them moral stories too.
Creative things like drawing, painting, were also included in my sunday targets.”

Mr Sourav goes on, “Members of the NGO supported me a lot, and gave me ideas also. Atmosphere there was awesome, close to nature, peaceful, with very good hearted and thoughtful people around. All these factors made me love the place. we started our class on sunday. During the after hours, I made few flash cards for the children to teach them about different animals and birds. It was for one and 11months, I went there every sunday ,I followed up whenever I had time. My volunteering at Blue Pen NGO taught me many things like:
1. Teaching is not an easy job, you need lots of patience for it.
2. To see a person smile, and to know you contribute something for that smile, gives ultimate joy and internal satisfaction.
3. Not everything is done to get returns ; social work and charity has a value.
And many other things…

Mr Sourav mentions , “I remember each and every moment spent with the kids, and at the NGO, also with the people there. Each day was a new day, with new targets, new tasks and different challenges. I got to learn so many things from Mam Dr. Manorama Khanna and A. K Tripathi sir. They both have taught me to fight in every bad situation and never give up. After coming here I realized that the purpose of my life is to contribute in building a wonderful Nation by helping these children. The slogan “No child should be left behind” always inspire me to work. I have completed one year with Blue pen. It was a great journey. Blue Pen NGO seems to become a major and influential part of these kids live, their outlook towards things is now changing for good. I was extremely overwhelmed when i received an award for my hardwork and i will do my best in future. This truly shows that my work had been recognised and appreciated that gives me inner strength to do moreIts not just an award but a token of love from everybody”.. Blue Pen once again congratulate both of them