Weekly updated 1st Dec. 2019

Friends, volunteers of Team Blue Pen conducted educational sessions for flyover kids with great vigour and zeal. Focus was letting these kids express themselves. Expressing problems being faced by them in daily life, is great way of creative learning.its heartening to see quite a few kids, having reached level of reading books.

Saurabh, Volunteer Coordinator (Munirka-Nizamuddin) shares, “Lasr week,We started our from Munirka shelter home, where Mr. Rahul Basist & Dr Manorama Khanna taught English and Hindi to kids.At Munirka slum, we took test of essay on “My family” in hindi and english. I assembled my students and first took mathematics test. Then i proceeded to essay writing. In the end we all sung National Anthem with kids. ”

Saurabh adds,”After that, we moved to our next center Nizamuddin, where we invited students to talk about thenselves in hindi and english. We also asked students to pen down various problems being faced by them in daily life. After we taught them body parts name, tables, months name etc.”

Ms Kavita Chaudhary, Volunteer Coordinator (IIT-Safdarjung-Sangam Vihar) shares “Last time,we organised Blue pen class at IIT FLYOVER with enthusiasm as usual. Shama taught Mousumi and Maya.These two kids under flyover can read A to Z but now it’s quite heartening to see that they have now started to recognize the alphabates as well. Our goal is to let them reach level of reading book. Today a new student, Shyam also joined us. He works at nearby General store. Shyam wants to learn English and surprising he learnt few lines of his introduction very quickly.”

Kavita adds,”It was a great seesion at Safdarjung since we organised a number of activites. Few new students also joined us that day. Sryan Sir taught them language. I taught Parts of Speech to Riya and Rimmi. After this, I gave them few sentences in which they have to circle noun, pronoun, verb and adjective. They enjoyed in doing this ang they were asked for the home work of the same.”

Kavita concludes,”After Safdarjung Center, we moved to our last center Sangam vihar where few activities were conducted by the Volunteers Shama, Soruv and Prashant. I taught science and English to class 6th. I taught them about the human body ( circulatory system) which includes the blood, plasma, arteries, veins, the pumping organ heart. This is how we ended our great session.”

Rahul, Volunteer Coordinator (Munirka-Nizamuddin line) mentions, “In munirka line, we started our session with full of enthusiasm In munirka slum centre, I taught basic english and counting. Dr Manorama Khanna taught kids basic hindi. After that, we conducted various activities with kids and kids enjoyed alot. After that Dr Manorama Khanna spoke about importance of moral value and their quintessentially in modern context.”

Rahul adds,” After that we moved to our next center okhla phase 1 and Tughlakabad. In tughlakabad, Dr Manorama Khanna also took classes. At okhla phase 1, I taught kids of class 1 to 3 tables and sums whereas kids of class 4 to 5 were taught hindi and english. Kids of Class 6to 7 were taught science and maths.”

Deepak, Volunteer (Noida-Okhla-Faridabad line) mentions,”during last sessions. i taught noida with full effort. I taught alphabet tables to kids. We also taught how to use signs like greater less or equal to. Later, we reached okhla there i taught 6th class Chapter on Jal-vayu in which i taught how the height of clouds and other factors influence climates. I also taught what is called monsoon blast. Later, we taught multiplication sum”

Deepak adds,”At faridabad, I taught kids of 4th class how to calculate time and how to calculate price. Later, i taught ek vachan and bahuvachan to 3rd class as well multiplication sums at end of sessions.”

Friends, Our objective is to impart to Kids/Wmen of Flyover/Slums, following modules:-
* Regular Teaching sessions, with special focus on females (on lines of “Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao Abhiyaan”)
* Teaching Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene (on klines of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Nutritious Food (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)
* Skill development (Ex. Cycle/mobile/auto
repair etc) (on lines of “Kushal Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Regular Medical Checkups (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)f
* Teaching Electronllic Gadgets (on lines of “Digital Connect India Program”)

B. OUR SCHEDULE:- Every Sunday, our timetable is:

*930-1030AM : Munirka-I, Munirka-II, & IIT flyover, and Noida (all parallel sessions)

*11-12PM: Safdarjung Factory Road, Okhla and Nizamuddin Rain Basera sessions (parallel sessions)
*12:30-1PM: lunch of volunteers at near GK & Okhla
* “Extended” sessions at Prajapati ohalla, Tughlaqabad village, Olkhla & Sangam vihar and Faridabad (all parallel sessions)

(For exact Google locations of sites, pls visit our website bluepenindia.com )


(All Donors to Blue Pen Charitable Trust are entitled to Claim rebate from Income Tax vide U/Section 80 G of the I.T Act