Blue Pen Team celebrated Navratri with Flyover/Slim kids

Kavita Chaudhary, Volunteer (Coordinator-IIT- Safdarjung Area) shares, “We started our energetic day from IIT flyover regular classes were conducted and also Amit sir and his son Anirudh joined us again. Further, we moved to our next center Safdarjung where where Anirudh taught Piyush, Anirudh helped him in reading and writing. Later, all kids participated in poem reciting.”

Kavita continues, “Like any other day , our team members l arrived to Sangam vihar centre where all the students were ready to study as well as creative activities. Like wise, kavita took her class n other responsibilities with great energy in such high hot weather. On the other hand, Sourav took his normal classes and delivered some motivational speech, whereas I, alongwith other volunteers, continued with our regular teaching. We told kids about Chait Navratri and hindu mythology around it. At the end of session, food distribution was done. It was grear to see that we could maintain our teamwork and hardwork in such hot weather”

Shivam,Volunteer(Coordinator-Noida-Okhla-Faridabad) shares, “At Noida centre, this time, strength of students was quite low as they went to their hometown. Our volunteer ‘Deepak’ taught English alphabets to young Aditi. She learnt very well and wrote in her notebook. Volunteer ‘Ritika’ taught multiplication to Soonam and this time she learnt to solve quite lengthy multiplications and performed very nicely. Shivam instructed elder students to calculate the LCM and HCF of same numbers .”

Mr Shivam further adds, “At Okhla centre, volunteer ‘Khushboo’ taught to younger ones. We taught Addition & subtraction to the students of class 1st & 2nd along with the vowels. Mehak & Simran tried to write words using vowels and Rahul was asked to do jumbled words. Later, at Faridabad centre, Volunteer ‘Abhishek’ taught alphabets and numbers to the younger students. Younger students are trying their best to learn basics. Volunteer ‘Ritika’ taught BODMAS students to the class of 6th & 7th. As BODMAS is an essential part of Mathematics for simplifying calculations of integers. She also instructed class 9th students to find the rational numbers bewteen two numbers. Shivam taught solving addition of rational numbers to the students of class 5th.All the students are trying their best to do in their studies and now the students are more enthusiastic and more focused.”

Mr Saurabh. Volunteer (Coordinator-Munirka-Nizamuddin) narrates as following,
“Ya devi sarva Bhuteshu..Shakti Rupen Samasthita…Namastasye, Namastasye, Namastasye Namoh Namah”
Blue pen NGO celebrated the Chait Navratri festival by drawings and quiz competition at its centre in munirka. The little Blue Pen attire in traditional dresses added to the festive mood. The celebration started by seeking the blessings from Goddess Durga to protect the Blue pen kids from evils. Students were told about the importance of nine days of Navratri.”

Saurabh further adds,”Students from second , third, fifth to seventh classes drew things to Maa durga, like kalash, diya and goddess face.
Students also brought the Indian festive food in festival season. Special assembly on navratri was also organized in the end to tell the students about nine forms of durga. At all the centres we informed to Student that Navratri is also known as Durga Puja in West Bengal. People over there especially women play with colors. Navratri is one of those festivals. It is a nine day festival in India and on the tenth day, the concluding ceremony is done. During these nine days, we worship Goddess Durga and her other idols. From the very first day, all the idols of goddess Durga are being designed and decorated in such a way that they look immensely beautiful and it absolutely seems like they have come to life again.”

Saurabh goes on,”We also informed kids that In some part of the country, some devotees also are on a fast for those nine days to impress the goddess with the devotion they pay and for the love and affection, they have for the goddess and others feast. And during this period the food which is prepared for the devotees or the people on fast is totally different and they are cooked without salt in it. During the period of these nine days people don’t eat non-veg food as according to them this may get the goddess angry but for some, this is just not in their rituals and some people slaughter goats as an offering to the goddess.On this auspicious day, the students sought the blessings of the Goddess of Power, who steers us away from the vexation of life.”

He further adds, “Mr. Akash varma, while speaking on the occasion said we tell our students about the importance of Navratri celebration and what does it means. We also told students about the ‘nine forms’ of Goddess Durga and how Navratri celebration symbolizes victory over evil.We wish all our students and their loved ones a very Happy and Prosperous Festive Season !!!”

Friends, Our objective is to impart to Kids/Women of Flyover/Slums, following modules:-
* Regular Teaching sessions, with special focus on females (on lines of “Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao Abhiyaan”)
* Teaching Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene (on lines of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Nutritious Food (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)
* Skill development (Ex. Cycle/mobile/auto
repair etc) (on lines of “Kushal Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Regular Medical Checkups (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)
* Teaching Electronic Gadgets (on lines of “Digital Connect India Program”)

B. OUR SCHEDULE:- Every Sunday, our timetable is:

*930-1030AM : Munirka-I, Munirka-II, & IIT flyover, and Noida (all parallel sessions)

*11-12PM: Safdarjung-I, Safadarjung-II, Nizamuddin Park, Nizamuddin Flyover and Okhla sessions (parallel sessions)

*12:30-1PM: lunch of volunteers at near GK & Okhla

*2-4PM: “Extended” sessions at Prajapati mohalla, Tughlaqabad village & Sangam vihar and Faridabad (all parallel sessions)

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