Gagan Bansal, B.Tech, IP University

Let me introduce another Young, Energetic Volunteer GAGAN BANSAL, who is doing BTech (Mech Engg-2nd year) at Maharaja Agrasen Engg. Gagan dreams to become “Weapons Engineer” one day and help Indian Soldiers. Gagan admires his father who works hard to fulfil needs of family still he is always at the doorstep to help needy. He feels that it’s his duty to join such an eternal non government organisation “Blue pen” which is playing a crucial role in building him as a better human being.

With eyes glittering with youth n vigour of life, Gagan further adds,”When i saw the people working at NGO,and the way theyre changing the lives of flyover children around them,i felt like,thats something to do,thats something worth my time.After coming here,i realised that the purpose of my life is to contribute in building a wonderful nation,by helping these children out.The weekly classes conducted every week by the blue pen have proved to be a boon for the under privileged children who cant afford quality education.They are given all the basic education free of cost so that they aren’t tagged as illiterate. Besides children, its a great opportunity for us, i.e. Young volunteers who take the initiative to teach as They get exposure to the outer world and get to know about the light in the misty fog feeling by helping someone.”

With face brimming with energy and confidence, Gagan continues, “Like all of you,i wanted to go out in the world and do something bigger than myself,Untill,someone smarter than myself, made me realise that there aint something bigger than myself. It’s me,that can bring the change,and thats what i am doing here.People often ask me,why the hell i am spending my time for others betterment, when i am not being paid or something.To all those people,working here is beyond any of these minors,the efforts we put here,are greater than the effort,we find the inner peace that no capital can ever buy.

While discussing his busy Weekly Academic schedule, Gagan continues, “After a mind numbing week at the college, its such an eternal bliss to join these children and work on them for their betterment. For me,its just a day,but for them,its a portal gate to teleport them into the main stream,and thats what matters.To conclude, i would like to say that we are all the jacks of everything but kings of Nothing,so,we all shall bring forth our steps to transform everyone into the kings of everything.

BLUE PEN has already announced ongoing “INTERNSHIP PROGRAM” for Students of all Levels during these summer vacations. We are getting lot of queries regarding internship. This Certificate will be important for International/Domestic Admissions/Jobs for youngsters, as it certifies their commitment towards Social Causes. Two month Internship helps in connecting younger generation with ‘Real India at grassroots level’

Our schedule ‘every Sunday’: 930-1030AM (Munirka and IIT Flyover kids, in parallel), 11-12PM Nizamuddin, 1230-130PM (Kalkaji Temple Parking Slum and Nehru Place Flyover, in parallel)-230-330PM (Tughlaqabad Slum)-4-5PM (Sangam Vihar Slum kids)

SPONSOR US or VOLUNTEER FOR 1Hr with us every Sunday to expand our operations to cover more kids of more slums…Each new volunteer helps us to cover another 20 kids..

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Ranjan Khanna,B.Tech(IIT Kanpur), Blue Pen NGO